Invasive Plant Identification & Treatment Methods (7030) image

Invasive Plant Identification & Treatment Methods (7030)

<p>Non-native invasive plants are quickly overwhelming many properties by tearing down the forest canopy and overtaking our native plants at the tree, shrub and/or groundcover levels. These plants are also overwhelming the ability of many landowners to understand what invasive plants exist on their land and what it will take to control them. These two identical sessions will cover:· </p><ul><li>How to identify and treat some of the most common and destructive invasive plants in this area</li><li> Pros and cons of different methods to remove invasive plants· What methods can be used in late fall and over the winter</li><li>Where to obtain various kinds of assistance</li><li>Discussion of where to source equipment and herbicides</li><li>Availability of additional training and information</li></ul>


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